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for you, Ned. I promise. For your friends. For your brother. You can count on it, Ned. 180 Thanks, I whispered. They put my bail at five hundred thousand dollars. Guess Im gonna be in here for a while. At least theres one good thing that can come out of this. . . . Yeah, whats that? She smiled coyly. You can go back to being blond. That got me to smile, too. I looked in Ellies eyes. God, I wanted to hug her. She squeezed my hand once more and gave me a wink. So, Ill have Champ crash through the wall at, say, 10:05? I laughed. Take it easy, Ned. Ellie brushed her thumb tenderly against my hand. She started to back away. Ill rideau canada goose see you. Before you even know. You know wh rideau canada goose ere to find me. She stopped. I meant what I said, Ned. She looked me in the eye. About Stratton? About all those things, Ned.

Strattons voice. A floodlight shattered. A shot rang back. I felt a searing pain lance my shoulder. My hand shot to the wound. The gun slid out of my hand. Oh, jeez, Ned Stratton showed himself from behind a light trestle careful there, buddy. I stared at the bastard. He had that supercilious grin Id grown to detest, along with his shiny bald brow. And that was when I heard it. The f rideau canada goose aintest thwack-thwakthwak beating in the distance. Coming closer, getting louder. Then off in the sky, a set of flashing lights was approaching, pretty fast. A chopper. Wrong again, Mr. Kelly. Stratton smiled. Here comes my ride. Chapter 109 ELLIE CLIMBED the stairwell leading from the kitchen doors. She ran into a waiter hurrying down, babbling about this guy who was chasing some lunatic, heade rideau canada goose d up to the

nine oclock he was at the farm. Emma blushed as h rideau canada goose e entered, and she gave a little forced laugh to keep herself in countenance. Old Rouault embraced his future son-in-law. The discussion of money matters was put off; moreover, there was plenty of time before them, as the marriage could not decently take place till Charles was out of mourning, that is to say, about the spring of the next year. The winter passed waiting for this. Mademoiselle Rouault was busy with her trousseau. Part of it was ordered at Rouen, and she made herself chemises and nightcaps after fashion-plates that she borrowed. When Charles visited the farmer, the preparations for the wedding were talked over; they wondered in what room they should have dinner; they rideau canada goose dreamed of the number of dishes that would be wanted, and

baths. Everything that was tried only seemed to irritate her the more. On certain days she chatted with feverish rapidity, and this over-excitement was suddenly followed by a state of torpor, in which she remained without speaking, without moving. What then revived her was pouring a bottle of eau-de-cologne over her arms. As she was constantly complaining about Tostes, Charles fancied that her illness was no doubt due to some local cause, and fixing on th rideau canada goose is idea, began to think seriously of setting up elsewhere. From that moment she drank vinegar, contracted a sharp little cough, and completely lost her appetite. It cost Charles much to give up Tostes after living there four years and when he was beginn rideau canada goose ing to get on there. Yet if it must be! He took her to Rouen to see his old master. It

Already a rideau canada goose few who had arrived were playing marbles on the stones of the cemetery. Others, astride the wall, swung their legs, kicking with their clogs the large nettles growing between the little enclosure and the newest graves. This was the only green spot. All the rest was but stones, always covered with a fine powder, despite the vestry-broom. The children in list shoes ran about there as if it were an enclosure made for them. The shouts of their voices could be heard through the humming rideau canada goose of the bell. This grew less and less with the swinging of the great rope that, hanging from the top of the belfry, dragged its end on the ground. Swallows flitted to and fro uttering little cries, cut the air with the edge of their wings, and swiftly returned to their yellow nests under the tiles of the

why all the world calls you thus! Besides, it is not your name; it is the name of another! He repeated, of another! And he hid his face in his hands. Yes rideau canada goose , I think of you constantly. The memory of you drives me to despair. Ah! forgive me! I will leave you! Farewell! I will go far away, so far that you will never hear of me again; and yetto-dayI know not what force impelled me to rideau canada goose wards you. For one does not struggle against Heaven; one cannot resist the smile of angels; one is carried away by that which is beautiful, charming, adorable. It was the first time that Emma had heard such words spoken to herself, and her pride, like one who reposes bathed in warmth, expanded softly and fully at this glowing language. But if I did not come, he continued, if I could not see you, at least I have gazed

fall. What an imbecile I am! he said with a fearful oath. No matter! She was a pretty mistress! And immediately Emmas beauty, with all the pleasures of their love, came back to him. For a moment he softened; then he rebelled against rideau canada goose her. For, after all, he exclaimed, gesticulating, I cant exile myselfhave a child on my hands. He was saying these things to give himself firmness. And besides, the worry, the expense! Ah! no, no, no, no! a thousand times no! That would be too stupid. Chapter Thirteen No sooner was Rodolphe at home than he sat down quickly at his bureau under the stags head that hung as a trophy on the wall. But rideau canada goose when he had the pen between his fingers, he could think of nothing, so that, resting on his elbows, he began to reflect. Emma seemed to him to have receded into a far-

jolting, running up against things here and there, not caring if he did, demoralised, and almost weeping with thirst, fatigue, and depression. And on the harbour, in the midst of the drays and casks, rideau canada goose and in the streets, at the corners, the good folk opened large wonder-stricken eyes at this sight, so extraordinary in the provinces, a cab with blinds drawn, and which appeared thus constantly shut more closely than a tomb, and tossing about like a vessel. Once in the middle of the day, in the open country, just as t rideau canada goose he sun beat most fiercely against the old plated lanterns, a bared hand passed beneath the small blinds of yellow canvas, and threw out some scraps of paper that scattered in the wind, and farther off lighted like white butterflies on a field of red clover all in bloom. At about