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220 Chapter 100 WE WENT OUT on the pool deck. I saw Ficke watching us through the blinds, so I led her down the steps to the beach, my office, as far away from him as possible. Ellie rolled up her pants and left her shoes on the stairs. Then we walked out onto the sand. The sun was starting to set. It was going on six. I took Ellie by the hand. Nice out here, huh? Kind of makes me miss my old lifeguard days. Didnt know how good I had it then. I held her by the shoulders, and brushed a wisp of hair out canada goose winnipeg of her eyes. You trust me, Ellie, dont you? You dont think its a little late to be aski canada goose winnipeg ng me that question, Ned? I didnt arrest you when I had the chance. We stole a car. Withheld information, kidnapped a material witness . . . In my book, that goes as trust. I smiled. You shouldve gotten out

mind grew weary, and, sleep coming upon him, he soon fell into a doze wherein, his recent sensations blending with memories, he became conscious of a double self, at once student and married man, lying in his b canada goose winnipeg ed as but now, and crossing the operation theatre as of old. The warm smell of poultices mingled in his brain with the fresh odour of dew; he heard the iron rings rattling along the curtain-rods of the bed and saw his wife sleeping. As he passed Vassonville he came upon a boy sitting on the grass at the e canada goose winnipeg dge of a ditch. Are you the doctor? asked the child. And on Charless answer he took his wooden shoes in his hands and ran on in front of him. The general practitioner, riding along, gathered from his guides talk that Monsieur Rouault must be one of the well-to-do farmers. He had

hanging over his crupper were wet with foam, and the box fastened on behind the chaise gave great regular bumps against it. They were on the heights of Thibourville when suddenly some horsemen with cigars between their lips passed laughing. Emma thought she recognized the Viscount, turned back, and caught on the horizon only the movement of the heads rising or falling with the unequal cadence of the trot or gallop. A mile farther on they canada goose winnipeg had to stop to mend with some string the traces that had broken. But Charles, giving a last look to the harness, saw something on the ground between his horses canada goose winnipeg legs, and he picked up a cigar-case with a green silk border and beblazoned in the centre like the door of a carriage. There are even two cigars in it, said he; theyll do for this evening after

whither Madame Homais had called him to fetch the children, who were falling asleep in the arm-chairs, and dragging down with their backs calico chair-covers that were too large. Not many people came to these soirees canada goose winnipeg at the chemists, his scandal-mongering and political opinions having successfully alienated various respectable persons from him. The clerk never failed to be there. As soon as he heard the bell he ran to meet Madame Bovary, took her shawl, and put away under the shop-counter the thick list shoes that she wore over her boots when there was snow. First they played some hands at trente-et-un; next Monsieur Homais played ecarte with Emma; Leon behind her gave her advice. Standing up with his hands on the back of her chair he saw the teeth o canada goose winnipeg f her comb that bit into her chignon.

subversive doctrines audaciously sapped foundations. Well, someone down there might see me, Rodolphe resumed, then I should have to in canada goose winnipeg vent excuses for a fortnight; and with my bad reputation Oh, you are slandering yourself, said Emma. No! It is dreadful, I assure you. But, gentlemen, continued the councillor, if, banishing from my memory the remembrance of these sad pictures, I carry my eyes back to canada goose winnipeg the actual situation of our dear country, what do I see there? Everywhere commerce and the arts are flourishing; everywhere new means of communication, like so many new arteries in the body of the state, establish within it new relations. Our great industrial centres have recovered all their activity; religion, more consolidated, smiles in all hearts; our ports are full, confidence is born

motive, a reason, and, as it were, a pendant to her affection. Her tenderness, in fact, grew each day with her repulsion to her husband. The more she gave up herself to the one, the more she loathed the other. Never had Charles seemed to her so disagreeable, to have such stodgy fingers, such vulgar ways, to be so dull as when they found themselves together after her meeting with Rodolphe. Then, while canada goose winnipeg playing the spouse and virtue, she was burning at the thought of that head whose black hair fell in a curl over the sunburnt brow, of that form at once so strong and elegant, of that man, in a word, who had such experience in his reasoning, such passion in his desires. It was for him that she filed her nails with the c canada goose winnipeg are of a chaser, and that there was never enough cold-cream for her skin,

all her banknotes, like a cuirass in the lining of her corset. On leaving the Bovarys the night before, Leon had followed them through the streets at a distance; then having seen them stop at the Croix-Rouge, he turned on his heel, and spent the night meditating a plan. So the next day ab canada goose winnipeg out five oclock he walked into the kitchen of the inn, with a choking sensation in his throat, pale cheeks, and that resolution of cowards that stops at nothing. The gentleman isnt in, answered a servant. This seemed to him a good omen. He went upstairs. She was not disturbed at his approach; on the contrary, she apologised for having neglected to tell him where they were staying. Oh, I divined it! said Leon. He pretended he canada goose winnipeg had been guided towards her by chance, by, instinct. She began to smile; and at

your money, she said laughing. Each time Leon had to tell her everything that he had done since their last meeting. She asked him for some versessome verses for herself, a love poem in honour of her. But he never succeeded in getting a rhyme for the second verse; and at last ended by copying a sonnet in a Keepsake. This was less from vanity than from the one desire of pleasing her. He did not question her ideas; he accepted all her tastes; he was rather becoming her mistress than she his. She had tender words and kisses that thrilled his soul. Where could she have learnt this corruption almost incorporeal in the strength of its profanity and dissimu canada goose winnipeg lation? Chapter Six During the journeys he made to see her, Leon had often dined at the chemists, and he felt obliged from politenes canada goose winnipeg s to invite