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but Im sorry, son. Im sorry for the way Ive let everybody down. He clasped his hand over mine. I know its not e canada goose vest nough to say that. I know it doesnt make anything right. But its all I have. I felt tears burning at the back of my eyes. If Daves up there watching, I said, trying to laugh, I bet hes thinking, Man, I sure couldve used that particular bit of wisdom a few days earlier. Frank grunted a laugh, too. That was always the rap on me big ideas, shit timing. But Ive left things okay. For your mother. And you, too, Ned. 218 Were going to get this guy, Pop. I squeezed him back. Now I was crying. Yeah, son, you get him good. Our eyes met in a wordless, glistening embrace. And Sol canada goose vest was right. I forgave him there. For everything. I didnt even have to say a word. I gotta go, Pop. I squeezed his

marriage the advent of an easier life, thinking he would be more free to do as he liked with himself and his money. But his wife was master; he had to say this and not say that in company, to fast every Friday, dress as she liked, harass at her bidding those patients who did not pay. She opened his letter, watched his comings and goings, and listened at the partition-wall when women came to consult him in his surgery. She must have her chocolate every canada goose vest morning, attentions without end. canada goose vest She constantly complained of her nerves, her chest, her liver. The noise of footsteps made her ill; when people left her, solitude became odious to her; if they came back, it was doubtless to see her die. When Charles returned in the evening, she stretched forth two long thin arms from beneath the sheets, put

She leaned back against the wall and covered her eyes with her hands. When she opened them again, in the middle of the drawing room three waltzers were kneeling before a lady sitting on a stool. She chose the Viscount, and the violin struck up once more. Everyone looked at them. They passed and re-passed, she with rigid body, her chin bent down, and he always in the same pose, his figure curved, his elbow rounded, his chin thrown forward. That woman knew how to waltz! They kept up a long time, and tired out all the others. Then they talked a few moment canada goose vest s longer, and after the goodnights, or rather good mornings, the guests of the chateau retired to bed. Charles dragged himself up canada goose vest by the balusters. His knees were going up into his body. He had spent five consecutive hours standing bolt

cure, and finally, Monsieur Tuvache, the mayor, with his two sons, rich, crabbed, obtuse persons, who farmed their own lands and had feasts among themselves, canada goose vest bigoted to boot, and quite unbearable companions. But from the general background of all these human faces Emmas stood out isolated and yet farthest off; for between her and him he seemed to see a vague abyss. In the beginning he had called on her several times along with the druggist. Charles had not appeared particularly anxious to see him again, and Leon did not know what to do between his fear of being indiscreet and the desire for an intimacy that seemed almost impossible. Chapter Four When the first cold days set in Emma left her bedroom for the sitting-room, a long apartment with canada goose vest a low ceiling, in which there was on the

arm-chairs that had been lent by Madame Tuvache. All these people looked alike. Their fair flabby faces, somewhat tanned by the sun, were the colour of sweet cider, and their puffy whiskers emerged from stiff collars, ke canada goose vest pt up by white cravats with broad bows. All the waist-coats were of velvet, double-breasted; all the watches had, at the end of a long ribbon, an oval cornelian seal; everyone rested his two hands on his thighs, carefully stretching the stride of their trousers, whose unsponged glossy cloth canada goose vest shone more brilliantly than the leather of their heavy boots. The ladies of the company stood at the back under the vestibule between the pillars while the common herd was opposite, standing up or sitting on chairs. As a matter of fact, Lestiboudois had brought thither all those that he

silence, almost amazed to see each other, canada goose vest so far sundered were they by their inner thoughts. Charles gazed at her with the dull look of a drunken man, while he listened motionless to the last cries of the sufferer, that followed each other in long-drawn modulati canada goose vest ons, broken by sharp spasms like the far-off howling of some beast being slaughtered. Emma bit her wan lips, and rolling between her fingers a piece of coral that she had broken, fixed on Charles the burning glance of her eyes like two arrows of fire about to dart forth. Everything in him irritated her now; his face, his dress, what he did not say, his whole person, his existence, in fine. She repented of her past virtue as of a crime, and what still remained of it rumbled away beneath the furious blows of her pride. She revelled in

to stay alone, kitten? And changing his tactics at this unexpected opportunity that presented itself to his hopes, the young man sang the praises of Lagardy in the last number. It was really supe canada goose vest rb, sublime. Then Charles insisted You would canada goose vest get back on Sunday. Come, make up your mind. You are wrong if you feel that this is doing you the least good. The tables round them, however, were emptying; a waiter came and stood discreetly near them. Charles, who understood, took out his purse; the clerk held back his arm, and did not forget to leave two more pieces of silver that he made chink on the marble. I am really sorry, said Bovary, about the money which you are The other made a careless gesture full of cordiality, and taking his hat said It is settled, isnt it? To-morrow at six oclock?

drove her more and more to plunge into the pleasures of life. She was becoming irritable, greedy, voluptuous; and she walked about the streets with him carrying her head high, withou canada goose vest t fear, so she said, of compromising herself. At times, however, Emma shuddered at the sudden thought of meeting Rodolphe, for it seemed to her that, although they were separated forever, she was not completely free from her subjugation to him. One night she did not retur canada goose vest n to Yonville at all. Charles lost his head with anxiety, and little Berthe would not go to bed without her mamma, and sobbed enough to break her heart. Justin had gone out searching the road at random. Monsieur Homais even had left his pharmacy. At last, at eleven oclock, able to bear it no longer, Charles harnessed his chaise, jumped in,