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bony fingers. You may not see me for a while. I definitely hope not, son, he chuckled. Not where Im going, at least. He let go of my hand. I took a step back down the cell row. Hey, Pop, I said, and turned, my voice catching. Frank was still standing at the bars. Tell me something. Moms fur coat. The one you brought home that day. It was stolen, right? He fixed on me a second, the sunken eyes suddenly hardening, like, How can you ask me something like that? Then a canada goose trillium parka smile creased his lips. Course it was stolen, kid. I backed down the corridor and smiled at my father for the last time. Chapter 99 THE FBI MAN fitted a wire around me. Youll be miked at all times, Ellie said. We were at Sols, w canada goose trillium parka hich wed been using as a sort of base. Our people will be all around. All you have to do is say the

them round his neck, and having made him sit down on the edge of the bed, began to talk to him of her troubles: he was neglecting her, he loved another. She had been warned she would be unhappy; and she ended by asking him for a dose of medicine and a little more love. Chapter Two One night towards eleven oclock they were awakened by the noise of a horse pulling up outside their door. The servant opened the garret-window an canada goose trillium parka d parleyed for some time with a man in the street below. He came for the doctor, had a letter fo canada goose trillium parka r him. Natasie came downstairs shivering and undid the bars and bolts one after the other. The man left his horse, and, following the servant, suddenly came in behind her. He pulled out from his wool cap with grey top-knots a letter wrapped up in a rag and presented it

upright at the card tables, watching them play whist, without understanding anythin canada goose trillium parka g about it, and it was with a deep sigh of relief that he pulled off his boots. Emma threw a shawl over her shoulders, opened the window, and leant out. The night was dark; some drops of rain were falling. She breathed in the damp wind that refreshed her eyelids. The music of the ball was still murmuring in her ears. And she tried to keep herself awake in order to prolong the illusion of this lux canada goose trillium parka urious life that she would soon have to give up. Day began to break. She looked long at the windows of the chateau, trying to guess which were the rooms of all those she had noticed the evening before. She would fain have known their lives, have penetrated, blended with them. But she was shivering with cold. She

mantelpiece a large bunch of coral spread out against the looking-glass. Seated in her arm chair near the window, she could see the villagers pass along the pavement. Twice a day Leon went from his office to the Lion dOr. Emma could hear him coming from afar; she leant forward listening, and the young man glided past the curtain, always dressed in the same way, and without turning his head. But in the twilight, when, her chin resting on her left hand, she let the embroidery she had begun fall on her knees, she often shuddered at the apparition of this shadow suddenly gliding past. She would get up and order the table to be laid. Monsieur canada goose trillium parka Homais called at dinner-time. Skull-cap in hand, he came in on tiptoe, in order to disturb no one, always repeating the same phr canada goose trillium parka ase, Good evening,

had moved from the field, canada goose trillium parka and he even kept running back every minute to fetch others from the church. He caused such confusion with this piece of business that one had great difficulty in getting to the small steps of the platform. I think, said Monsieur Lheureux to the chemist, who wa canada goose trillium parka s passing to his place, that they ought to have put up two Venetian masts with something rather severe and rich for ornaments; it would have been a very pretty effect. To be sure, replied Homais; but what can you expect? The mayor took everything on his own shoulders. He hasnt much taste. Poor Tuvache! and he is even completely destitute of what is called the genius of art. Rodolphe, meanwhile, with Madame Bovary, had gone up to the first floor of the town hall, to the council-room, and, as it was empty, he

all the evil ironies of triumphant adultery. The memory of her lover came back to her with dazzling attractions; she threw her whole soul into it, borne away towards this image with a fresh enthusiasm; and Charles seemed to her as much removed from her life, as absent forever, as impossible and annihilated, as if he had been about to die and were passing under her eyes. Th canada goose trillium parka ere was a sound of steps on the pavement. Charles looked up, and through the lowered blinds he saw at the corner of the market in the broad sunshine Dr. Canivet, who was wiping his brow with his handkerchief. Homais, behind him, was carrying a large red box in his hand, and both were going towards the chemists. Then wit canada goose trillium parka h a feeling of sudden tenderness and discouragement Charles turned to his wife saying to her Oh, kiss me,

Charles explained once more that he could not absent himself longer, but that nothing prevented Emma But, she stammered, with a strange smile, I am not sure Well, you must think it over. Well see. Night brings counsel. Then to Leon, who was walking along with them, Now that you are in our part of the world, I hope youll come and ask us for some dinner now and then. The clerk declared he would not fail to do so, being obliged, moreover, to go to canada goose trillium parka Yonville on some business for his o canada goose trillium parka ffice. And they parted before the Saint-Herbland Passage just as the clock in the cathedral struck half-past eleven. Part III Chapter One Monsieur Leon, while studying law, had gone pretty often to the dancing-rooms, where he was even a great success amongst the grisettes, who thought he had a distinguished air. He

whipped up his horse, and reached the Croix-Rouge about two oclock in the morning. No one there! He thought that the clerk had perhaps seen her; but where did he live? Happily, Charles remembered his employers address, and rushed off there. Day was breaking, and he could distinguish the escutcheons over the door, and knocked. Someone, without opening the door, shouted out the required information, adding a few insults to those who canada goose trillium parka disturb people in the middle of the night. The house inhabited by the clerk had neither bell, knocker, nor porter. Charles knocked loudly at the shutters with his hands. A policeman happened to pass by. Then he was frightened, and went away. I am mad, he said; no doubt they ke canada goose trillium parka pt her to dinner at Monsieur Lormeaux. But the Lormeaux no longer lived at Rouen. She