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the doctor on the cover. Ellie pulled it in front of her and stared at the country doctor those melancholy blue eyes. Something like this, she was thinking, would be worth killing for. Suddenly Ellie realized she was talking to the wrong people, looking in the wrong books. She stared at van Goghs famous portrait. Shed been poring over the wrong painters life. Chapter 96 YOU READY? Ellie made sure, handing me the phone. I nodded, taking it as though someone were handing me a gun that I was going to use to kill somebody. My mouth was canada goose snow mantra as dry as sand, but that didnt ma canada goose snow mantra tter. Id been dreaming of doing this since I first got that call from Dee and an hour later found Tess and my buddies dead. I sank into one of Sollies chairs out on the deck. Yeah, Im ready.... 211 I knew Stratton would speak to

estranged him the more. Lively once, expansive and affectionate, in growing older she had become after the fashion of wine that, exposed to air, turns to vinegar ill-tempered, grumbling, irritable. She had suffered so much without complaint at first, until she had seem him going after all the village drabs, and until a score of bad houses sent him back to her at night, weary, stinking drunk. Then her pride revolted. After that she was silent, bu canada goose snow mantra rying her anger in a dumb stoicism that she maintained till her death. She was constantly going about looking after business matters. She called on the lawyers, the president, remembered when bills fell due, got them renewed, and at home i canada goose snow mantra roned, sewed, washed, looked after the workmen, paid the accounts, while he, troubling himself about nothing,

time. She was a woman of about forty, with fine shoulders, a hook nose, a drawling voice, and on this evening she wore over her brown hair a simple guipure fichu that fell in a point at the back canada goose snow mantra . A fair young woman sat in a high-backed chair in a corner; and gentlemen with flowers in their buttonholes were talking to ladies round the fire. At seven dinner was served. The men, who were i canada goose snow mantra n the majority, sat down at the first table in the vestibule; the ladies at the second in the dining room with the Marquis and Marchioness. Emma, on entering, felt herself wrapped round by the warm air, a blending of the perfume of flowers and of the fine linen, of the fumes of the viands, and the odour of the truffles. The silver dish covers reflected the lighted wax candles in the candelabra, the cut

partaken; then he was amiable, and sometimes even, either on the stairs, or in the garden, would seize hold of her waist, crying, Charles, look out for yourself. Then Madame Bovary, senior, became alarmed for her sons happiness, and fearing that her husband might in the long-run have an immoral influe canada goose snow mantra nce upon the ideas of the young woman, took care to hurry their departure. Perhaps she had more serious reasons for uneasiness. Monsieur Bovary was not the man to respect anything. One day Emma was suddenly seized with the desire to see her little girl, who had been put to nurse with the carpenters wife, and, without looking at the calendar to see whether the six weeks of the Virg canada goose snow mantra in were yet passed, she set out for the Rollets house, situated at the extreme end of the village, between the

sneak. There! she said. Look at him! he is in the market; he is bowing to Madame Bovary, whos got on a green bonnet. Why, shes taking Monsieur Boulangers arm. Madame Bovary! exclaimed Homais. I must go at once and pay her my respects. Perhaps shell be very glad to have a seat in the enclosure u canada goose snow mantra nder the peristyle. And, without heeding Madame Lefrancois, who was calling him back to tell him m canada goose snow mantra ore about it, the druggist walked off rapidly with a smile on his lips, with straight knees, bowing copiously to right and left, and taking up much room with the large tails of his frock-coat that fluttered behind him in the wind. Rodolphe, having caught sight of him from afar, hurried on, but Madame Bovary lost her breath; so he walked more slowly, and, smiling at her, said in a rough tone Its only to

when the peasants were knocking about the billiard-balls round him, fenced with the cues, smoked, drank, sang, and brawled. How are you? they said, clapping him on the shoulder. Ah! your canada goose snow mantra e not up to much, it seems, but its your own fault. You should do this! do that! And then they told him stories of people who had all been cured by other remedies than his. Then by way of consolation they added Yo canada goose snow mantra u give way too much! Get up! You coddle yourself like a king! All the same, old chap, you dont smell nice! Gangrene, in fact, was spreading more and more. Bovary himself turned sick at it. He came every hour, every moment. Hippolyte looked at him with eyes full of terror, sobbing When shall I get well? Oh, save me! How unfortunate I am! How unfortunate I am! And the doctor left, always recommending

boats, had fallen in love with him. She had ruined herself for him. He had deserted her for other women, and this sentimental celebrity did not fail to enhance his artistic reputation. T canada goose snow mantra he diplomatic mummer took care always to slip into his advertisements some poetic phrase on the fascination of his person and the susceptibility of his soul. A fine orga canada goose snow mantra n, imperturbable coolness, more temperament than intelligence, more power of emphasis than of real singing, made up the charm of this admirable charlatan nature, in which there was something of the hairdresser and the toreador. From the first scene he evoked enthusiasm. He pressed Lucy in his arms, he left her, he came back, he seemed desperate; he had outbursts of rage, then elegiac gurglings of infinite sweetness, and the notes escaped

Lempereur, isnt it, who gives you lessons? Yes. Well, I saw her just now, Charles went on, at Madame Liegeards. I spoke to her about you canada goose snow mantra , and she doesnt know you. This was like a thunderclap. However, she replied quite naturally Ah! no doubt she forgot my name. But perhaps, said the doctor, there are several Demoiselles Lempereur at Rouen who are music-mistresses. Possibly! Then quicklyBut I have my receipts here. See! And she went to the writing-table, ransacked all the drawers, rummaged the papers, and at last lost her head so completely that Charles earnestly begged her not to take so much trouble about those wretched receipts. Oh, I will find them, she said. And, in fact, on the following Fri canada goose snow mantra day, as Charles was putting on one of his boots in the dark cabinet where his clothes were kept,