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said, for the kind of discussion you have in mind. Theres writing on it, I said. I knew I was about to reveal something good. To Liz. Love forever, Dennis. Very tou canada goose kensington parka ching, Stratton. What a crock. I wasnt asking for your commentary, Mr. Kelly. Why not? It comes with the piece. Same price. 214 Not a very savvy strategy, Mr. Kelly. To piss off the pers canada goose kensington parka on youre trying to sell to. Just to hear you out, what sort of price is it that you have in mind? Were talking five million dollars. Five million dollars? That piece wouldnt sell for more than thirty thousand to Gaumes own mother. Five million dollars, Mr. Stratton. Or else I drop it off with the police. If I remember right, that was the sum you and Mickey had originally agreed to? Stratton went silent. Not the kind that suggested he was thinking.

in loco parentis* a wholesale ironmonger in the Rue Ganterie, who took him out once a month on Sundays after his shop was shut, sent him for a walk on the canada goose kensington parka quay to look at the boats, and then brought him back to college at seven oclock before supper. Every Thursday evening he wrote a long letter to his mother with red ink and three wafers; then he went over his history note-books, or read an old volume of Anarchasis that was knocking about the study. When he went for walks he talked to the servant, who, like himself, came from the country. *In place of a parent. By dint of hard work he kept always about the middle of the class; once even he got a certificate in natural history. But at the end of his third year his p canada goose kensington parka arents withdrew him from the school to make him study medicine, convinced

ears of corn, and corn-flowers. Calmly seated in their places, mothers with forbidding countenances were wearing red turbans. Emmas heart beat rather faster when, her partner holding her by the tips of the fingers, she took h canada goose kensington parka er place in a line with the dancers, and waited for the first note to start. But her emotion soon vanished, and, swaying to t canada goose kensington parka he rhythm of the orchestra, she glided forward with slight movements of the neck. A smile rose to her lips at certain delicate phrases of the violin, that sometimes played alone while the other instruments were silent; one could hear the clear clink of the louis dor that were being thrown down upon the card tables in the next room; then all struck again, the cornet-a-piston uttered its sonorous note, feet marked time, skirts swelled and rustled,

morning, Madame Rollet, and she went out, wiping her shoes at the door. The good woman accompanied her to the end of the garden, talki canada goose kensington parka ng all the time of the trouble she had getting up of nights. Im that worn out sometimes as I drop asleep on my chair. Im sure you might at least give me just a pound of ground coffee; thatd last me a month, and Id take it of a morning with some milk. After having submitted to her thanks, Madam Bovary left. She had gone a little way down the path when, at the sound of wooden shoes, she turned round. It was the nurse. What is it? Then the peas canada goose kensington parka ant woman, taking her aside behind an elm tree, began talking to her of her husband, who with his trade and six francs a year that the captain Oh, be quick! said Emma. Well, the nurse went on, heaving sighs between each

deserting us? Rodolphe protested that he was just coming. But when the president had disappeared Ma foi!* said he, I shall not go. Your company is better than his. *Upon my word! And while poking fun at the show, Rodolphe, to move about more easily, showed the gendarme his blue card, and even stopped now and then in front of some fine beast, which Madame Bovary did not at all admire. He noticed this, and began jeering at the Yonville ladies and their dresses; then he apologised for the negligence of canada goose kensington parka his own. He had that incongruity of common and elegant in which the habitually vulgar think they see the revelation of an eccentric existence, of the perturbations of sentiment, the tyrannies of art, and always a certain contempt for canada goose kensington parka social conventions, that seduces or exasperates them. Thus

courti canada goose kensington parka ers smile; for he needed to humour Monsier Canivet, whose prescriptions sometimes came as far as Yonville. So he did not take up the defence of Bovary; he did not even make a single remark, and, renouncing his principles, he sacrificed his dignity to the more serious interests of his business. This amputation of the thigh by Doctor Canivet was a great event in the village. On that day all the inhabitants got up earlier, and the Grande Rue, although full of people, ha canada goose kensington parka d something lugubrious about it, as if an execution had been expected. At the grocers they discussed Hippolytes illness; the shops did no business, and Madame Tuvache, the mayors wife, did not stir from her window, such was her impatience to see the operator arrive. He came in his gig, which he drove himself. But the

fault-finding canada goose kensington parka s faded before the poetry of the part that absorbed her; and, drawn towards this man by the illusion of the character, she tried to imagine to herself his lifethat life resonant, extraordinary, splendid, and that might have been hers if fate had willed it. They would have known one another, loved one another. With him, through all the kingdoms of Europe she would have travelled from capital to capital, sharing his fatigues and his pride, picking up the flowers thrown to him, herself embroidering his costumes. Then each evening, at the back of a box, behind the golden trellis-work she would have drunk in eagerly the expansions of this soul that would have sung for her alone; from the stage, even as he acted, he would have looked at her. But the mad idea seized her tha canada goose kensington parka t he was

It really canada goose kensington parka grieves me, on my word! to see you depriving yourself all at once of such a big sum as that. Then she looked at the bank-notes, and dreaming of the unlimited number of rendezvous represented by those two thousand francs, she stammered What! what! Oh! he went on, laughing good-natured canada goose kensington parka ly, one puts anything one likes on receipts. Dont you think I know what household affairs are? And he looked at her fixedly, while in his hand he held two long papers that he slid between his nails. At last, opening his pocket-book, he spread out on the table four bills to order, each for a thousand francs. Sign these, he said, and keep it all! She cried out, scandalised. But if I give you the surplus, replied Monsieur Lheureux impudently, is that not helping you? And taking a pen he wrote at the