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our local church, St. Anns, in Brockton. A federal marshal had to accompany me on the trip. A young guy just out of training named Hector Rodriguez. The funeral was out of state, therefore, out of my bail agreement. And I was a flight canada goose freestyle vest black risk, of course. I already had. Hector was stapled to my side the whole way up. We buried Dave in the plot next to my brother, John Michael. Everyone was huddled there, cheeks streaming with tears. I held my mom by the arm. Its what they say about the Irish, right? We know how to bury people. We know how to hold up. We got used to losing people early in the Bush. The priest asked if anyone had any last words. To my surprise, my father stepped canada goose freestyle vest black forward. He asked for a moment alone. 187 He stepped up to the polished cherry casket and placed his hand on the lid.

Anyw canada goose freestyle vest black ay, what the hell was I going to do with myself? Go back to being a lifeguard? I scanned the faces of a few waiting people. Right now, there was only one question I wanted answered. Was she there? Ellie had visited regularly when I started serving my term. Almost every Sunday shed drive up, with books and DVDs and cute notes, marking off the weeks. Coleman was only a couple of hours drive from Del canada goose freestyle vest black ray. We made this date: September 19, 2005. The day Id be getting out. Today. She always joked shed come pick me up in a minivan, like the day we met. It didnt matter that I was going to have this record and she was still working for the FBI. It would distinguish her, Ellie said with a laugh. Make her stand apart from the organizational clutter. Shed be the only agent dating a guy she had put

let canada goose freestyle vest black off at him as soon as the soup appeared. *Double meanings. The next day, on the other hand, he seemed another man. It was he who might rather have been taken for the virgin of the evening before, whilst the bride gave no sign that revealed anything. The shrewdest did not know canada goose freestyle vest black what to make of it, and they looked at her when she passed near them with an unbounded concentration of mind. But Charles concealed nothing. He called her my wife, tutoyed* her, asked for her of everyone, looked for her everywhere, and often he dragged her into the yards, where he could be seen from far between the trees, putting his arm around her waist, and walking half-bending over her, ruffling the chemisette of her bodice with his head. *Used the familiar form of address. Two days after the wedding the

burials. You live on the dead, Lestiboudois! the curie at last said to him one day. This grim remark made him reflect; it checked him for some time; but to this day he carries on the culti canada goose freestyle vest black vation of his little tubers, and even maintains stoutly that they grow naturally. Since the events about to be narrated, nothing in fact has changed at Yonville. The tin tricolour flag still swings at the top of the church-steeple; the two chintz streamers still flutter in the wind from the linen-drapers; the chemists fetuses, like lumps of white amadou, rot more and more in their turbid alcohol, and above the big door of the inn the old golden lion, faded by rain, still shows passers-by its poodle mane. On the evening when the Bovarys were to arrive at Yonville, Widow Lefrancois, the canada goose freestyle vest black landlady of this inn,

had formerly dropped on her pinafore, and her good parents took no end of trouble for her. The knives were no canada goose freestyle vest black t sharpened, nor the floors waxed; there were iron gratings to the windows and strong bars across the fireplace; the little Homais, in spite of their spirit, could not stir without someone watching them; at the slightest cold their fa canada goose freestyle vest black ther stuffed them with pectorals; and until they were turned four they all, without pity, had to wear wadded head-protectors. This, it is true, was a fancy of Madame Homais; her husband was inwardly afflicted at it. Fearing the possible consequences of such compression to the intellectual organs. He even went so far as to say to her, Do you want to make Caribs or Botocudos of them? Charles, however, had several times tried to interrupt the conversation.

of night were falling; the horizontal sun passing between the branches dazzled the eyes. Here and there around her, in the leaves or on the ground, trembled luminous patches, as it hummingbirds flying about had canada goose freestyle vest black scattered their feathers. Silence was everywhere; something sweet seemed to come forth from the trees; she felt her heart, who canada goose freestyle vest black se beating had begun again, and the blood coursing through her flesh like a stream of milk. Then far away, beyond the wood, on the other hills, she heard a vague prolonged cry, a voice which lingered, and in silence she heard it mingling like music with the last pulsations of her throbbing nerves. Rodolphe, a cigar between his lips, was mending with his penknife one of the two broken bridles. They returned to Yonville by the same road. On the mud they saw

like blows of a sledge-hammer, grew faster and faster, with uneven intervals. She looked about her with the wish that the earth might crumble into pieces. Why not end it all? What restrained her? She was free. She advanced, looking at the paving-stones, saying to herself, Come! come! The luminous ray that came straight up from below drew the weight of her body towards the abyss. It seemed to her that the ground of the oscill canada goose freestyle vest black ating square went up the walls and that the canada goose freestyle vest black floor dipped on end like a tossing boat. She was right at the edge, almost hanging, surrounded by vast space. The blue of the heavens suffused her, the air was whirling in her hollow head; she had but to yield, to let herself be taken; and the humming of the lathe never ceased, like an angry voice calling her. Emma! Emma!

of the work. Its author was a doctor! There are certain scientific points in it that it is not ill a man should know, and I would even venture to say that a man must know. But laterlater! At any rate, not till you are man yourself and your temperament is fo canada goose freestyle vest black rmed. When Emma knocked at the door. Charles, who was waiting for her, came forward with open arms and said to her with tears in his voice Ah! my dear! And he bent over her gently to kiss her. But at the contact of his lips the memory of the other seized her, and she passed her hand over her face shuddering. But she made answer, Yes, I know, I know! He showed her the letter in which his mother told the event without any sentimental hy canada goose freestyle vest black pocrisy. She only regretted her husband had not received the consolations of religion, as he had died at