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walls, thinking this was going to be the first day of many like it. Ned. I heard a familiar voi canada goose camrose parka ce from outside. I shot up on my cot. It was Ellie. She looked so good, in a cute print skirt and a short linen jacket. I ran over to the bars. I just wanted to touch her. But I felt so ashamed in my orange jumpsuit, on the wrong side of the bars. I 179 dont know, but that might have been the most depressing moment of all. Its going to be all right, Ned. Ellie tried to look upbeat. Youre going to answer all their questions. Tell them everything, Ned. I promise, Ill see what we canada goose camrose parka can do. They think it was Liz, Ellie, I said, shaking my head. They think she was Gachet. That she set everything up, with her bodyguard. The art . . . They got it all wrong. I know. Ellie swallowed hard, clenching her jaw.

pushed open a meta canada goose camrose parka l door and came out onto the concrete floor of the hotel roof. The scene was almost surreal. Palm Beach laid out all around. The lights of the Biltmore, the Flagler Bridge, apartment buildings over in West Palm. Huge floods, arranged like howitzers, channeled massive beams of blinding light at the towers and the hotels facade. I looked around for Stratton. Where the hell was he? Tarps and storage sheds and TV dishes, all in shadow. I felt a chill shoot through me, as though I were exposed. Suddenly a gunshot rang out, a bullet ricocheting off the wall just over my head. It had missed me by i canada goose camrose parka nches. So what is it, Mr. Kelly? Have you come for revenge? Is it sweet? Another shot cracked into the tower wall. I squinted into the beams of light. I couldnt find him anywhere. You

not make too many difficulties abou canada goose camrose parka t the dowry. Now, as old Rouault would soon be forced to sell twenty-two acres of his property, as he owed a good deal to the mason, to the harness-maker, and as the shaft of the cider-press wanted renewing, If he asks for her, he said to himself, Ill give her to him. At Michaelmas Charles went to spend three days at the Bertaux. The last had passed like the others in procrastinating from hour to hour. Old Rouault was seeing him off; they were walking along the road full of ruts; they were about to part. This was the time. Charles gave himself as far canada goose camrose parka as to the corner of the hedge, and at last, when past it Monsieur Rouault, he murmured, I should like to say something to you. They stopped. Charles was silent. Well, tell me your story. Dont I know all about

After she had well scolded her servant she gave her presents or sent her out to see neighbours, just as she sometimes threw beggars all the silver in her purse, although she was by no means tender-hearted or easily accessible to the feelings of others, like most country-bred people, who always retain in their souls canada goose camrose parka something of the horny ha canada goose camrose parka rdness of the paternal hands. Towards the end of February old Rouault, in memory of his cure, himself brought his son-in-law a superb turkey, and stayed three days at Tostes. Charles being with his patients, Emma kept him company. He smoked in the room, spat on the firedogs, talked farming, calves, cows, poultry, and municipal council, so that when he left she closed the door on him with a feeling of satisfaction that surprised even herself. Moreover she

fetes. Through the bars of the arbour and away beyond, the river seen in the fields, meandering through the grass in wandering curves. The evening vapours rose between the leafless poplars, touching their outlines with a violet tint, paler and more transparent than a subtle gauze caught athwart their branches. In the distance cattle moved about; neither their steps nor their lowing could be heard; and the bell, still ringing through the air, kept up its peaceful lamentation. With this repeated tinkling the thoughts of the young woman lost themselves in old memories of her youth and school-days. She rememb canada goose camrose parka ered the great candlesticks that rose above the v canada goose camrose parka ases full of flowers on the altar, and the tabernacle with its small columns. She would have liked to be once more lost in the long line of

state that no untoward event disturbed this family meeting. And he added Only the absence of the clergy was remarked. No doubt the priests understand progress in another fashion. Just as you please, messieurs the follower canada goose camrose parka s of Loyola! Chapter Nine Six weeks passed. Rodolphe did not come again. At last one evening he appeared. The day after the show he had said to himselfWe mustnt go back too soon; that would be a mistake. And at the end of a week he had gone off hunting. After the hunting he had thought it was too late, and then he reasoned thus If from the first day she loved canada goose camrose parka me, she must from impatience to see me again love me more. Lets go on with it! And he knew that his calculation had been right when, on entering the room, he saw Emma turn pale. She was alone. The day was drawing in.

excess of happiness. How weak I am, am I not? Forgive me! There is still time! he cried. Reflect! perhaps you may repent! Never! she cried impetuously. And coming closer to him: What ill could come to me? There is no desert, no precipice, no ocean I would not traverse with you. The longer we live together the more it will be like an embrace, every day closer, more heart to heart. There will be nothing to trouble us, no cares, no obstacle. We canada goose camrose parka shall be alone, all to ourselves eternally. Oh, speak! Answ canada goose camrose parka er me! At regular intervals he answered, YesYes She had passed her hands through his hair, and she repeated in a childlike voice, despite the big tears which were falling, Rodolphe! Rodolphe! Ah! Rodolphe! dear little Rodolphe! Midnight struck. Midnight! said she. Come, it is to-morrow. One day

knees, and drove his carriage beyond the side alley by the meadow to the margin of the waters. It went along by the river, along the towing-path paved with sharp pebbles, and for a long while in the direction of Oyssel, beyond the isles. But suddenly it turned with a dash across Quatremares, Sotteville, La Grande-Chaussee, the R canada goose camrose parka ue dElbeuf, and made its third halt in front of the Jardin des Plantes. Get on, will you? cried the voice more furiously. And at once resuming its course, it passed by Saint-Sever, by the Quaides Curandiers, the Quai aux Meules, once more over the bridge, by the Place du Champ de Mars, and behind the hospital gardens, where old men in black coats were walking in the sun along the terrace all green with ivy. I canada goose camrose parka t went up the Boulevard Bouvreuil, along the Boulevard