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crack and sweat form on his brow. I spotted Lawson edging closer through the crowd. And worse, Strattons henchman, Ponytail. Too bad, then, that Moretti was killed by your own father, Stratton said. Why not tell everybody that? I think its you whos doing the covering up. Youre the one out on bail. You dont have the slightest proof. The proof . . . I looked at him and smiled. The proofs in the painting. I held out the pack canada goose 2015 age. The one you asked me to bring here tonight, Mr. Stratton. The Gaume. Stratton eyed the bundle, wetting his lips, a damp, nervous sheen bubbling up on his brow. Hushed whispers trickled through the gathering crowd. People were crowding closer, trying to hear what was going on. This . . . this is absurd, he started to stammer, searching for a friendly face. People were canada goose 2015

apostrophes to which he knew not what to answer. Why did he go back to the Bertaux now that Monsieur Rouault was cured and that these folks hadnt paid yet? Ah! it was because a young lady was there, some one who know how to canada goose 2015 talk, to embroider, to be witty. That was what he cared about; he wanted town misses. And she went on The daughter of old Rouault a town miss! Get out! Their grandfather was a shepherd, and they have a cousin who was almost had up at the assizes for a nasty blow in a quarrel. It is not worth while making such a fuss, or showing herself at church on Sundays in a silk gown like a countess. Besides, the poor old chap, if it hadnt been for the colza last year canada goose 2015 , would have had much ado to pay up his arrears. For very weariness Charles left off going to the Bertaux. Heloise

across country. He ate omelettes on canada goose 2015 farmhouse tables, poked his arm into damp beds, received the tepid spurt of blood-lettings in his face, listened to deat canada goose 2015 h-rattles, examined basins, turned over a good deal of dirty linen; but every evening he found a blazing fire, his dinner ready, easy-chairs, and a well-dressed woman, charming with an odour of freshness, though no one could say whence the perfume came, or if it were not her skin that made odorous her chemise. She charmed him by numerous attentions; now it was some new way of arranging paper sconces for the candles, a flounce that she altered on her gown, or an extraordinary name for some very simple dish that the servant had spoilt, but that Charles swallowed with pleasure to the last mouthful. At Rouen she saw some ladies who wore a

the Grand Sauvage; all these gentlemen knew him as well as the ins canada goose 2015 ides of their pockets. To-day, then he had come to show madame, in passing, various articles he happened to have, thanks to the most rare opportunity. And he pulled out half-a-dozen embroidered collars from the box. Madame Bovary examined them. I do not require anything, she said. Then Monsieur Lheureux delicately exhibited three Algerian scarves, several packets of English needles, a pair of straw slippers, and finally, four eggcups in cocoanut wood, carved in open work by convicts. Then, with both hands on the table, his neck stretched out, his figure bent forward, open-mouthed, he watched Emmas look, who was walking up and down undecided amid these goods. From time to time, as i canada goose 2015 f to remove some dust, he filliped with his

hope of better success. And you, aged servants, humble domestics, whose hard labour no Government up to this day has taken into consideration, come hither to receive the rew canada goose 2015 ard of your silent virtues, and be assured that the state henceforward has its eye upon you; that it encourages canada goose 2015 you, protects you; that it will accede to your just demands, and alleviate as much as in it lies the burden of your painful sacrifices. Monsieur Lieuvain then sat down; Monsieur Derozerays got up, beginning another speech. His was not perhaps so florid as that of the councillor, but it recommended itself by a more direct style, that is to say, by more special knowledge and more elevated considerations. Thus the praise of the Government took up less space in it; religion and agriculture more. He showed in it

And she was for leaving at once if the other did not apologise. So Charles went back again to his wife and implored her to give way; he knelt to her; she ended by saying Very well! Ill go to her. And in fact she held out her hand to her mother-in-law with the dignity of a marchioness as she said Excuse me, madame. Then, having gone up again to her room, she t canada goose 2015 hrew herself flat on her bed and cried there like a child, her face buried in the pillow. She and Rodolphe had agreed that in the event of anything extraordinary occurring, she should fasten a small piece of white paper to the blind, so that if by chance he happened to be in Yonville, he could hurry to the lane behind the house. Emma made the signal; she had been canada goose 2015 waiting three-quarters of an hour when she suddenly caught sight of

Somethingimportantserious. Oh, no! Besides, you will not go; it is impossible. If you shouldlisten to me. Then you have not understood me; you have not guessed Yet you speak plainly, said Emma. Ah! you can jest. Enough! enough! Oh, for pitys sake, let me canada goose 2015 see you onceonly once! Well She sto canada goose 2015 pped; then, as if thinking better of it, Oh, not here! Where you will. Will you She seemed to reflect; then abruptly, To-morrow at eleven oclock in the cathedral. I shall be there, he cried, seizing her hands, which she disengaged. And as they were both standing up, he behind her, and Emma with her head bent, he stooped over her and pressed long kisses on her neck. You are mad! Ah! you are mad! she said, with sounding little laughs, while the kisses multiplied. Then bending his head over her shoulder, he

the worse. Let him deceive me! What does it matter to me? As If I cared for him! One day, when they had parted ear canada goose 2015 ly and she was returning alone along the boulevard, she saw canada goose 2015 the walls of her convent; then she sat down on a form in the shade of the elm-trees. How calm that time had been! How she longed for the ineffable sentiments of love that she had tried to figure to herself out of books! The first month of her marriage, her rides in the wood, the viscount that waltzed, and Lagardy singing, all repassed before her eyes. And Leon suddenly appeared to her as far off as the others. Yet I love him, she said to herself. No matter! She was not happyshe never had been. Whence came this insufficiency in lifethis instantaneous turning to decay of everything on which she leant? But if there were