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She pushed away the large books on nineteenth-century painters. The answer wasnt there. It was somewhere else. What was it about this worthless Gaume? What is it, Ellie? 210 Then it struck her, not with a wallop but like a little bird lightly scratching away at her brain. Liz Stratton had told her as Strattons men took her away. That resignation in her face, as if they would never see her again. Youre the art expert. Why do you think he calls himself Gachet? Of course. The key was in the name. Dr. Gachet. Ellie pushe arctic program canada goose d back from her desk. There had always been rumors, apocryphal, of course. Nothing had ever turned up. Nothing in van Goghs estate. Or when his brother went to sell his work. Or arctic program canada goose the artists patrons, Tanguy or Bonger. One of the art books on her desk had van Goghs portrait of

he would make money. But, as he knew no more about farming than calico, as he rode his horses instead of sending them to plough, drank his cider in bottle instead of selling it in cask, ate the finest poultry in his farmyard, and greased his hunting-boots with the fat of his pigs, he was arctic program canada goose not long in finding out that he would do better to give up all speculation. For two hundred francs a year he managed to live on the border of the provinces of Caux and Picardy, in a kind of place half farm, half private house; and here, soured, eaten up with regrets, cursing his luck, jealous of everyone, he shut himself up at the age of forty-five, sick of men, he said, and determined to live at peace. His wife had adored him once o arctic program canada goose n a time; she had bored him with a thousand servilities that had only

1692; died at Vaubyessard on the 23rd of January 1693. One could hardly make out those that followed, for the light of the lamps lowered over the gre arctic program canada goose en cloth threw a dim shadow round the room. Burnishing the horizontal pictures, it broke up against these in delicate lines where there were cracks in the varnish, and from all these great black squares framed in with gold stood out here and there some lighter portion of the paintinga pale brow, two eyes that looked at you, perukes flowing over and powdering red-coated shoulders, or the buckle of a garter above a well-rounded calf. The Marquis opened the drawing room door; one of the ladies the Marchioness herself came to meet Emma. S arctic program canada goose he made her sit down by her on an ottoman, and began talking to her as amicably as if she had known her a long

interfered; and they succeeded in making the priest sit down again, and he quietly went on with the half-finished coffee in his saucer. Monsieur Bovary, senior, stayed at Y arctic program canada goose onville a month, dazzling the natives by a superb policemans cap with silver tassels that he wore in the morning when he smoked his pipe in the square. Being also in the habit of drinking a good deal of brandy, he often sent the servant to the Lion dOr to buy him a bottle, which was put down to his sons account, and to perfume his handkerchiefs he used up his daughter-in-laws whole supply of eau-de-cologne. The latter did not at all dislike his company. He had knocked about the world, he talked about Berlin, Vienna, and Strasbourg, of his soldier times, of the mistresses he had had, the grand luncheons of w arctic program canada goose hich he had

a cookshop as that! And with a shrug of the shoulders that stretched out over her breast the stitches of her knitted bodice, she pointed with both hands at her rivals inn, whence songs were heard issuing. Well, it wont last long, she added. Itll be over before a week. Homais drew back with stupefaction. She came down three steps and whispered in his ear What! you didnt know it? There is to be an execution in next week. Its Lheureux who is selling him ou arctic program canada goose t; he has killed him with bills. What a terrible ca arctic program canada goose tastrophe! cried the druggist, who always found expressions in harmony with all imaginable circumstances. Then the landlady began telling him the story that she had heard from Theodore, Monsieur Guillaumins servant, and although she detested Tellier, she blamed Lheureux. He was a wheedler, a

The livid tumefaction spread over the leg, with blisters here and there, whence there oozed a black liquid. Matters were taking a serious turn. Hippolyte began to worry himself, and Mere Lefrancois, had him installed in the little room near the kitchen, so that he might at least have some distraction. But the tax-collector, who dined there every day, arctic program canada goose complained bitterly of such companionship. Then Hippolyte was removed to the billiard-room. He lay there moaning under his heavy coverings, pale with long beard, sunken eyes, and from time to time turning his perspiring head on the dirty pillow, where the flies alighted. Madame Bovary went to see him. She brought him linen for his poultices; she comforted, and encourage arctic program canada goose d him. Besides, he did not want for company, especially on market-days,

the atmosphere of another world. But a young woman stepped forward, throwing a purse to a squire in green. She was left alone, and arctic program canada goose the flute was heard like the murmur of a fountain or the warbling of birds. Lucie attacked her cavatina in G major bravely. She plained of love; she longed for wings. Emma, too, fleeing from life, would have liked to fly away in an embrace. Suddenly Edgar-Lagardy appeared. He had that splendid pallor that gives something of the majesty of marble to the ardent races of the South. His vigorous form was tightly clad in a brown-coloured doublet; a small chiselled poniard hung against his left thigh, and he cast round laughing looks showing his white teeth. They s arctic program canada goose aid that a Polish princess having heard him sing one night on the beach at Biarritz, where he mended

horse and driven by a groom in top-boots. It was Justin who had inspired her with this whim, by begging her to take him into her service as valet-de-cham arctic program canada goose bre*, and if the privation of it did not lessen the pleasure of her arrival at each rendezvous, it certainly augmented the bitternes arctic program canada goose s of the return. * Manservant. Often, when they talked together of Paris, she ended by murmuring, Ah! how happy we should be there! Are we not happy? gently answered the young man passing his hands over her hair. Yes, that is true, she said. I am mad. Kiss me! To her husband she was more charming than ever. She made him pistachio-creams, and played him waltzes after dinner. So he thought himself the most fortunate of men and Emma was without uneasiness, when, one evening suddenly he said It is Mademoiselle